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Références Bibliographiques

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You will find many bibliographic references about the ZAL in our interdisciplinary bibliographic base about Loire river, with the possibility of making several research types.

- Access to the interdisciplinary bibliographic base about Loire river.

Memento Using Wikindx

- Wikindx in english language : Wikindx > Preferences > Langues > English > Click "Soumettre"
- Free Search : Ressources > Quick Search > Write in the field Search Word > Search Method (OR or AND or Exact phrase) > Click on Search
- Search by author : Ressources > Browse Creators
- Search by keyword : Ressources > Browse Keywords or Ressources > Category Tree
- Export references : Make a search (cf above) > File > Export (choose the export format : End Note or RTF or HTML or XML or BibTex ...)

More infos about Wikindx

- Tutorial Wikindx
- Wikindx Website

About EndNote

You will find some excellent tutorials above about using EndNote.
- Prise en main d’EndNote (French language)
- EndNote Web (French language)