– Collective Research Project (PCR): Geoarchaeology of the average Loire and its margins

In 1996, the original PCR « Geoarchaeology of the average Loire and its margins, » the knowledge in archaeological, geomorphological and paléobotaniques were too widely dispersed and rarely involved in a comprehensive analysis of the evolution of the dynamic landscape.

In light of theses observations came the idea to create an interdisciplinary research group. The project was a Geoarchaeology approach, whose validation should be easy on the Val de Loire and its tributary valleys.

By 1996, the Regional Archaeological Service of the Région Centre joined us and defended us to the Great WestCIRA in order to set up collaborative research (PCR).

In 1997, work has taken a national dimension with the establishment of the « Interactions companies / environments in the catchment area of the Loire to the Holocene » led by J. Burnouf and supported by the committees of the EU SDS and PEVS CNRS.

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Some of the work done under this PCR have been put together into a single book, available online :
Geoarchaeology of the Average Loire and its margins: synthesis of results of PCR 1997-2000″ (June 2001) (PDF) (French language)

For any questions about PCR Geoarchaeology of the average Loire and its margin, you can contact the coordinator: N. Carcaud (