[fr]Journées d’études inter-ZA: ZAL-ZABR[en]Inter ZA study days: ZAL-ZABR

Inter-ZA study days

  • ZAL: Zone Atelier Loire
  • ZABR: Zone Atelier Bassin du Rhône

Theme: « Risk of flood, vulnerability and impact strength. Crossed glances Loire-Rhône »

Date : Thursday 2th december – friday 3th december 2010
Place : ENSNP of Blois
Download the pre-program and registration form (deadline: 18th october 2010) (French language)


Organized within the framework of the scientific seminars of the Zone Atelier Loire and the Zone Atelier Bassin du Rhône, these two days of study have for objective to make meet researchers working on the risks of flood in ponds hillsides of the Loire and the Rhône to develop the exchanges and the collaborations on this thematic field.


70 % of the population living in Europe is concentrated in the urban spaces. For some years, a series of extreme climatic events showed how much natural disasters can affect built-up areas. In the field of the hydrological risks in France, the vulnerability of the urban systems is particularly linked to two phenomena: the rarefaction of the land tax for the construction and the growth of the number of inhabitants. To reduce the dangers linked to the risks of flood, the only reduction of the vulnerability by the works of protection is not sufficient. It must be accompanied with strategies of adaptation of the populations concerned as well as the evolution of the infrastructures of the water. The methodological study of appropriate plans of impact strength thus becomes an essential stake which it is suggested working in five axes:

  • The role of the structural and not structural arrangements of protection against the floods
  • The evaluation of the modes of crisis management
  • The social and economic dimensions of the modes of impact strength
  • The appropriation by the citizens of the tools of preventive information and the raising awareness about the floods in support of the evaluation of the culture of the risk
  • The spatial analyses multicriteria and the elaboration of a base of knowledge in urban impact strength

Modality of construction of the program

A first program is proposed which emphasizes five axes defined above, identified during the preparation with a call for projects of research which associated researchers of the Loire and the Rhône in 2010.
It is possible to propose an intervention by specifying the theme and by sending a title and a summary before September 30th (seminaire-risque@ensnp.fr).
The researches taking place in the ponds of the Loire and the Rhône will be privileged but the others study case can be proposed.
The definitive program of these study days will be on the website of the ZAL and the ZABR as from October 8th.


These two days address firstly the researchers implied on the pond of the Loire and the Rhône, in particular those implied in the ZAL and in the ZABR, the teams of the network of Zones Ateliers, and more generally to the scientists working on this thematic field.