[fr]Zone Atelier Loire (ZAL)[en]Work Area Loire (ZAL)

Zone Atelier Bassin Versant de la Loire (Work Area Loire) (ZAL) integrates the national network of Zones Ateliers (ZA) (French LTER)

ZAL is an interdisciplinary research program supported by the Ecology and Environment Institute (INEE) of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research).

ZAL brings together 32 laboratories CNRS, large institutions and research teams from universities, 25 public institutional partners, 10 other partners and 4 foreign laboratories.

The coordination of the ZAL is provided by Sabine Greulich (UMR CITERES, CNRS-Université de Tours) and Sylvie Servain (ENSNP de Blois et UMR CITERES).